From the newborn to the toddler stage, there are so many delightful (and unpredictable) moments and milestones to capture. Those first magical weeks as you meet that tiny little person you’ve been anticipating for oh so long are just that – magical! I won’t deny it can also be exhausting and overwhelming at times but that’s all part of the reality, and wonder, of welcoming a new life in to your family.
We all want, and deserve, those picture-perfect soft and dreamy portraits of our newborn child because they make our heart sing, and swell with love.  They also keep our fragile hearts beating when they’re oh so tired. Even now, ten years on from my firstborn’s arrival, nothing calms my heart more than a reminder of those early days full of innocence and all-consuming love. And my sweet baby boy’s perfect little face. And not to mention those teeny tiny fingers and toes.  Nom nom nom!
We also deserve to be reminded of the everyday moments too.  The way they curl their fingers when they’re about to cry, or stretch out their toes mid yawn.  The never ending process of changing diapers, or blowing raspberries on milk-filled bellies. Bath time and feed time. Tummy time and snuggle time. The bottles, the dummies, the walks back and forth across the room as you both try to catch your breath. The moment big sister looks down with both awe and bewilderment, wondering just how much this is going to affect her.
All of it. It’s all worth recording. Every. Single. Moment. So, my job is to turn up and yours is to just ‘be’.  Babies sleep – a lot. So at some point we’ll get some of those snuggly sleepy portraits, but when they’re awake I’ll simply capture life as its happening. Your life. And that’s what you’ll get to take away and remember.

And, honestly, my approach to photographing them as they grow from newborn to crawling, then walking (or in our case, full-on running) isn’t much different. It’s all about them, and the moments, and about the love that fills the spaces in between.

Please drop me a line if you’d like to chat some more about having a newborn portrait session done with you and your beautiful bundle of joy, in or around Melbourne. If you are due, but not yet delivered, lets get a rough date pencilled in.
And, yes, I do do ‘fresh 48’ sessions, ie come to the hospital shortly after the birth to record those very first moments together. As a newborn photographer, these are some of my favourites.