I shot my first wedding long enough ago to not want to confess how long ago, when everyone was an innovative hipster and shot with film, and used vaseline-smeared filters and starburst effects for that extra razzle-dazzle. Yep. That long ago. Things have changed a lot since then (thankfully), and I was fortunate to take a large chunk of time away from the camera, while getting married and taking a ten year hiatus around Europe and Australia, and birthing a few kids along the way. When I was ready to get back in to it, I got to start afresh. I guess I changed a lot in that time too, and am no longer so much into special effects as I am into seeing things at face value and recording them as they are, in all their truth and beauty.  It’s pretty hard to ignore real love when you see it, and why reimagine or reinvent it when you do?
For me, the beauty in weddings is being there as the day unfolds, as each moment is unpacked and woven together, telling the story of two people in love. It’s the little details, the stolen glances, the grand gestures, and all those unspoken words that still manage to shout love from the mountain tops, and whisper truths to the hidden places. And I get to share in what is amongst people’s happiest days. It’s a pretty big thing to me to be allowed into people’s lives, to both witness and capture these moments. And I always aim to hand back an honest reflection of the day, not merely an interpretation. It’s an honour I don’t take lightly. So don’t mind me if I cry a little during your speeches (because I likely will), or join in on a dance or two at the end of the day – because in allowing myself to feel my way through the day I often lose myself inside it.
If that doesn’t scare you off, let’s chat. And let’s make some memories together.